Team and R&D

Building a comprehensive business model for customers

Provide comprehensive solutions for customers in the baking industry

With keen industry insight and accumulated resource advantages in product production, research and development, marketing, and other aspects, and guided by customer needs, we gradually expand our product options and service scope to provide customers with customized comprehensive solutions to meet their development needs for baking business.

Professional service team to assist customers in achieving business growth

The company gathers excellent operational and technical teams, with rich experience in store management and innovative product development. We provide professional services such as product oriented research and development, technical training, and store operation guidance to customers, helping them achieve sustained growth in their baking business.

Production process flow

Step 1. Raw material pretreatment

The raw meat is paired with bone removal equipment and manual selection to remove bones and impurities, ensuring safe use.
After all other raw materials are unpacked, they must be sieved before entering the workshop.

Step 2. Raw meat steaming and cooking

Put the pre processed raw meat into the cooking equipment for cooking. Adjust the cooking time according to the product requirements.

Step 3. Raw meat shredded

The raw meat after cooking enters the shredder for shredding, which can be adjusted according to the fiber form of the product.

Step 4. Mixed ingredients

According to the formula requirements, prepare raw and auxiliary materials (such as mixing white sugar, edible salt, monosodium glutamate, etc.)

Step 5. Mixing materials

Mix and stir the shredded raw meat and ingredients in a frying pan to ensure complete fusion and full adsorption of the ingredients with the raw meat.

Step 6. Stir fried pine

Heat and stir fry the semi-finished products mixed with ingredients in the frying pan. During the frying process, add edible vegetable oil to the frying pan and control according to the product process guide.

Step 7. Cooling and selection

After the stir frying is completed, the finished product is placed in the packaging area for cooling and selecting equipment for cooling and selection.

Step 8. Inner packaging

The selected finished products are bagged, weighed, and sealed.

Step 9. Metal detection

The products after inner packaging are placed in a metal testing machine for testing.

Step 10. Outer packaging

Pack and pack the products after metal testing.



Focusing on the production, research and sales of low-fat meat floss, sugar free meat floss, Yangzhi Ganlu meat floss, Wanghong meat floss and other series of products


  • Traditional craftsmanship combined with modern technology for safety and hygiene
  • Excellent quality, uniform color, and crispy and fragrant taste.